Dec. 29th, 2011 09:13 pm
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 + I am a little late, but: I received a second fic for Yuletide, and it is for one of my favorite books!

Inflammable Substances
Ronja Rövardottar | Ronia the Robber’s Daughter – Astrid Lindgren
On the fifteenth winter of Ronia and Birk’s lives, Undis’ prediction is finally coming true.

It’s absolutely beautiful, a slow unfolding of Birk and Ronia falling in love. My childhood self is in raptures.

+ It’s almost 2012; I am ringing in the new year with my cousins Esme and Ethan, who are 12 and 10; we’ll be watching family-friendly movies and I will probably be drinking unless I can convince them to watch Anastasia.
I’d talk a little about the year that’s gone, but I got carried away below, so: next time.

+ My sister Midge, who is also my roommate and BFF, is getting married on Cinco de Mayo. I’m standing up with her in the wedding, and Midge has given me carte-blanche with regards to my clothes—I’ve been pretty unconcerned about the whole thing, but last night I dreamed that it was the day of the wedding and the ceremony was being held in my bedroom instead of at the church. I still didn’t have a dress, and so, as everyone waited by the bay window, I stood in the entryway to my room, in my underwear, trying on everything in my closet. I woke up in a panic, stumbled downstairs, and started looking up dresses. I still have no idea what I’m wearing, but at least now I’m worried about it. Anyone have any ideas? It’s a morning wedding, and it’s in church, so I need to keep my shoulders covered. Let’s be real: I am not above wearing a cardigan.

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Dear YuleGoat,
Hi! This is my first year participating in Yuletide, and I am already excited for what you’re going to write! I am positive I will love it.
details )
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Christ is born! Glorify him!

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays, f-list! I am unable to attend liturgy (which is very sad, because the Nativity service is always so lovely and quiet), so I read my Yuletide gift, and it was amazing and full of love. 

I am bad at hyperlinks, so for now, here's the information:

Time, Love
Kairos (Murry-O'Keefe, Wrinkle in Time), set between A Wind in the Door and Swiftly Tilting Planet.
Two moments of Calvin's life. 

It's beautiful and in-character and Calvin is a perfect human being, as usual. Even though it's all from Calvin's POV, the author does an amazing job of keeping Calvin grounded within the life he lives--it's a wonderful fic and I am so thankful to my Yuletide author for writing it. 


I will fix this entry later.In the meantime, what did you get for Yultide? What have you read so far? 
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I was reading a few selections of a book my mom brought home from work –I think it’s called “What we hope for our daughters,” and it’s kind of the history of this bridal shop somewhere in Illinois. The book is made up of a numerous personal narratives about women preparing for their marriages, buying wedding gowns, encountering obstacles, etc. It’s a nice gesture at the very least, even if it is one that doesn’t really speak to me—I’m single and my sister still isn’t engaged, so I haven’t been to a bridal shop since my BFF asked me to help her try stuff on in 2009.
Still, there were several sections where women talked about their faith and about what they hoped for in their marriages (and parents also talked about what they hoped for their daughters). As someone who is religious and who believes that marriage is a sacrament, I thought it was nice to see that these women were not treating their vows lightly (even if their understanding differs from my own; by the way, I’m not saying that anyone goes in to a marriage thinking it’s no big deal or that it is a thing to be treated lightly; I just mean the book was focused on THE DRESS and THE IDEA OF MARRIAGE AS A PARTNERSHIP).
What I’m a little perplexed and bemused by is the section on “preserving purity.”
Marriage, kissing, virginity, sex: Vern rants about topics she has approximately zero experience with )
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Subject headings? They are dead to me. I have to create a ton of them at work and for school and it's just really clear that I suck at it. Whatever~~~I give up, I am not a cataloguer (or am I???).

Currently working on a few new fics (Young Justice! Everybody go watch it I am not going to articulate because I am updating on my phone and it's a pain to wax poetic), writing a few papers on folklore (old women as spiritual guides: see Baba Yaga), and emailing every professor I know to ask about school stuff.

I'm feeling really serious about applying for the PhD program in January, so I need to get my ducks in a row and make sure I'm making an informed decision. I'm an information professional, surely that counts for something.

Lastly, because I am apparently incapable of writing coherent, thoughtful posts, I! Have started wearing eyeliner, mostly because it's fancy (I know that beauty is a myth that is used to imprison women in the West, but my eyeliner has a tiny paintbrush!). Only real problem is I have some serious problems taking it off, my makeup remover doesn't seem to work. It is tough for a lady to learn how to apply makeup in a vacuum, but I guess there's the Internet. I'm just...really tired of YouTube tutorials. All of the coherent ones are done by a Vietnamese lady, and she and I have vastly dissimilar facial structures.


Jul. 8th, 2011 11:50 pm
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Fannish Things To Do:

-Work on [livejournal.com profile] femgenficathon prompts.

-Work on [livejournal.com profile] fma_ladyfest prompt.

-Edit and start reposting Conographia, aka the Royai 100 themes that took me two years to write the first time around. (I am debating: do I repost the original writing plus edits, or do I take this chance to rewrite all the themes I don't think were well-executed? Do I post the original and just offer DVD extras, so to speak? HALP.)

-Finish plotting Greed/Ling/LanFan story. (Is this secretly for [livejournal.com profile] mekosuchinae? MAYBE. I suck at this.)

-Finish plotting major Team Xing/LanFan backstory + research equivalent culture

-Figure out how to write dialogue. (Argh.)


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