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Dear YuleGoat,
Hi! This is my first year participating in Yuletide, and I am already excited for what you’re going to write! I am positive I will love it.
I’ll be upfront and say I don’t read slash. I love plots and arguments and personal growth, but, hey, I also like fluff and angst and backstories. I love coming-of-age. If you want more specificity, feel free to look through my memories or at my fic journal. If I'm too specific about anything, feel free to run wild. I'm just thrilled that one of these fandoms will have a new story. 
Here are a few things I love about my requested fandoms. If it’s helpful, great! If not, please write the story you’d like to write, I’m not really picky here.
1. Austin & Murray-O’Keefe Families – Madeline L’Engle (Meg, Calvin)
What happens between A Wind in the Door and A Swiftly Tilting Planet? How do Meg and Calvin grow up and grow together?
I love Men-and-Cal as teenagers and young adults, possibly because Meg’s weaknesses and strengths are so vivid, and because Calvin is thoughtful and basically perfect. I’d love basically anything thoughtful and sweet with these two—Meg raging and Calvin talking her out of it (or vice versa!), their gruff affections, Calvin’s shitty home situation, you name it. MEG AND CALVIN, says my heart.
2. Ronia the Robber’s Daughter – Astrid Lindgren (Ronia, Birk)
What happens when Birk and Ronia grow up?  

This book has been on my shelf since I was, like, eight. I adore the Scandinavian layers of the fantastic that appear throughout—the harpies and the unseen ones freak me out—and everyone loves a good story about kids who move into a cave. But I’ve always been curious if Undis’ prediction would come true: will Ronia and Birk grow into a different kind of love? Naturally I would love them to fall in love (with a lot of confusion about growing up along the way), but I am not picky.
3. The Secret Garden – Frances Hodgson Burnett (Mary, Dickon)
I’ve been wanting Dickon and Mary to run away together since I was nine. Other than that, I am curious about what happens after the book ends.
4. Brothers Bloom (2008) (Bang Bang, Penelope, Stephen, and/or Bloom)
The parallel pre-movie adventures of Penelope and the brothers? Bang Bang and Penelope save the world? Dire backstory is dire? I don’t care too much, I just adore the quirky melancholy of the film (and, okay, all of the jumping about from place to place—travel!) and want more.
I’m excited, YuleGoat! Thank you!



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