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Forgot I had homework due today and turned it in by the skin of my teeth, probably. I don't even know how this happens, I am usually really good about keeping track of assignments. Luckily it was just another subject heading/authority exercise, so it only took a few minutes. Although when I had to write out "650 _0 $aDinosaurs $zChina $zMongolia $xHistory" I was really tempted to add another subfield saying "Bitch, Plesiosaur." I didn't actually do this, but I wanted to. Then I included a really snarky note about Latin abbreviations, because my instructor spent like 10 minutes whining about how he couldn't be expected to remember that "S.l." means "sine loco" which means "without location" and stands for "without place of publication." Dude, it's not that hard, and RDA will just give you carpal tunnel. WHATEVS.

Still in love with Young Justice, FYI. All the ladies are amazing, and can I just say that I actually like the myriad approaches to all the relationships? It's refreshing. Plus, the characterization and the continuity are amazing. I like shows where people argue and exhibit their own personal thoughts and feelings, and I like it when characters also take responsibility for their own feelings. It helps that they are hilarious; after all, home is where YOU CAN BE AS CHALANT AS YOU WANT, right?

But seriously, Artemis is becoming one of my favorite characters--I mean, I still adore M'gann, and I think the whole cast is well-balanced--she has a lot of complicated feelings. And I think her context is really compelling, because it's heavily implied that she hasn't had an easy time of it and that she was being groomed to be, if not evil, at Lear morally ambiguous. And it's likewise implied that she has less of a support network than most of the team; her mentor is a smokescreen, basically, and what 15-year-old doesn't have an emotionally compromised relationship with her mother? I hope we see more episodes like "Bereft," which I think revealed to at least Wally that Artemis is used to being manipulated. (And OK, I love Artemis and Wally ~*~together~*~ Maybe TV has groomed me to think that bickering = makeouts? I dunno. I have many feeling re: these two + How Artemis' parents' union may or may not have shaped her relationship worldview.)

Also, am thinking about getting caught up on Fables. I stopped reading it in like 2006/2007; Lmk if it's worth getting emotionally involved in Snow and Bigby or if that thin is a hot mess.

And guys! Do we need to talk about Yuletide? Do I even have time?


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