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Because I have no self control and also wasn't allowed to watch TV when I was little*, I started listening to [ profile] mekosuchinae when she talked about Young Justice. And then I watched a couple episodes of Young Justice.

You guys. This show is the best show.

Also, the three people who I've noticed like the show all say the same thing, which is that the fandom for it is terrible, and full of lady-haters. And it's true! I'm so upset about it! But I'm clearly the kind of person who imprints on M'Gann as soon as she appears on screen, because she is made of magic and wears a cardigan. But the show is better even than M'gann, because even the dudes are hilarious, in the way that fifteen-year-olds are dweeby and hilarious! I can find this behavior cute because I have never talked to a fifteen-year-old boy.

It's so awkward and endearing that even my terrible second-hand embarrassment syndrome is vanquished. I'm in love.

*I'm actually not upset about not watching TV when I was small, I wouldn't have appreciated it the way I do now.


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