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 So I’m back, I suppose, which is funny because six years ago I thought, this is a pretty small thing to give up. And then my life fell apart (as it has a way of doing) and I spent some time picking up the pieces, and then I decided I wasn’t too embarrassed about coming back, which is, I suppose, a sign of real personal growth. Or something.


These things take time, and right now I live with way too many people, but there’s something nice about continuity. Fifteen dollars worth of nice, in this case, but that’s about what I got from my tax return and I’m not paying rent, so I took it as a sign.

Six years is a pretty long time—it is, literally, a quarter of my life—and there’s a lot of stuff I don’t remember from the (epic?) 2003-2006-ish era. But here’s the plan, for the here and now: I need to write again, and I need to ramble on about things, if only for the sake of personal therapy, and perhaps the sake of having a record for when I got to confession. So this is gonna be fairly heavily locked down, for the sake of my perceived privacy, though commentary is, frankly, kind of welcome. I’m working on setting up a fic journal in the next week or so, so I think you can pretty safely bypass this if you’re of a mind to.
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